what is good about Monday...

is that once you start, it is not as bad as you think it is going to be.

It is just not as much fun as some days of the week like Saturday or Sunday, and because that is what you have just been doing for the past two days then obviously Monday is always a bit of a let down. Just not all that great... but probably not really bad either.

The worst day of the week is actually Tuesday. The weekend is now a distant memory, the euphoria of not having to get up so early, not being tied up for most of the day, being able to do what when you wish faded away. And there is still most of a working week to go until next weekend. Now that is not a nice thought to wake up to.

Tuesday should become a day off to ease the pain of the return to work.

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I am waiting for H to finish on the phone so that I can ask him a question so that I can send an e-mail and then go home. He has been on the phone for 1/2 an hour...

Hannu didn't get that job. She was offered a consolation prize, improved version of the work that she was going to be doing anyway - so that is good news. The only shame is that we are not suddenly double income, disposable cash happy, paying off credit cards all of a sudden. Of course we will have lots of stress free time together because she will not be working all hours and probably enjoy a different though equal Quality of Life because of this.

At what cost money hey? I would rather not think about it too much thanks, not until I am faced with the immediate problem of having more than I know what to do with.

I answered my own question... I'm off home now

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Weeks and months turn into years and who knows what surprises a new day will bring? As shelves fill with more songs, dust collects, memories accumulate and we pass through the lives of others, sometimes pausing, sometimes pulling up a chair, sometimes moving on. Thinking that tomorrow is going to be like yesterday. What do we know? I just like words and pictures, so why make excuses for collecting those either? But some things will never change, the sad songs will always be the best ones.


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