We put the Murray and Elsa decanter to ideal use today. We had wonderful port after an incredible meal (D roasted 19lbs of beef in our oven and J found us some tasty German poppy seed cake). I found out the following about port - because it is not something that I have had chance to try much. So, according to the Wine Doctor; "probably the two most important declared Port vintages of the 1980s are 1985 and 1983.

Taylor's Vintage Port 1983: This is quite a pale colour for vintage Port, with a red, raspberry tinge to it. On the nose it seems quite delicate and pretty, with some red fruits. On the palate, however, it demonstrates more power, with a strong spicy character, firm acidity, plenty of tannin through the mid- and end-palate, together with a lush richness of fruit. A sweet, lingering finish. Drinking well now, but will easily go another ten years. This was a very good vintage for Taylor's. Excellent."

I couldn't have put it better myself really.

ps: prends รงa Curehead!

Chevelle - Closure

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