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Time to write again? I am sure it should come more easily than this. Or maybe it is just that I am too busy to sit back and reflect? Anyhow, it has been a good week or so and, ooh look, we are already well into another one.

At the weekend I decided that going to the seaside not-in-the-summer (I didn't want to call it winter yet - it is not that bad) is a lovely thing to do. We strolled on the firm damp sand and had a pot of tea with fish and chips and the grey sky was quite fitting for the run down air that Bridlington sadly has these days.

The buildings along the sea front are worn out and shabby - paint work peeling, windows empty, colours washed out - so running Bridlington through the CS2 lomo action from CODA throws away any pretence of subtlety or reality even and instead offers an alternative - saturated, colourful, kind of like fast food. I like the perverse idea of taking pictures with a relatively expensive camera, then using equally pricey software to make the pictures look like they are from a cheap Chinese Holga. And this is the sort of thing that you end up with when you turn it up to 11:

I guess it makes me think a little further about photography as an expression of my individual vision of the world - a conversation I was having the other evening. A few days ago I posted a similar but totally different picture to the one above on my other blog. That black and white version is pretty much what I felt like saying that day. It was a beautiful autumnal Saturday afternoon, with dry, crisp light. I saw contrast and shapes and shadows and took a handful of pictures of Skidby mill that I thought captured that, kind of.

And then this morning I was looking for pictures and an excuse to write and my interpretation of that day seemingly changes. We now have super saturated blue skies in winter, dream like clouds all glowy and without depth and blown out detail that - this morning - just doesn't matter. Maybe nothing to do with what really happened, nothing to do with how I feel about it now either... but just because it is possible to see the same thing in many different ways.

OK, I just like taking pictures.

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  1. Anonymous Pup 

    Wordsworth famously said that Poetry was 'emotion recollected in tranquility' so maybe digital photography is 'spots of time (to use another Wordsworth phrase) recollected in post-processing'? Why am I awake incidentally?

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