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OK, I finally sent some pictures off to Imogen Heap's Moblog. I was in two minds (who would want to upset purist mobloggers?) as my pictures are not strictly speaking mobile phone pictures. But I don't think that was a reason to not share... For anybody that comes from there, thanks for passing by! Here is a last picture from that night.

It was good to hear from Immi's webmaster (check the comment on the M62 songs post below), with his view on taking pictures at gigs. Thanks James for taking the time to comment - I do understand that any artist would want control over what pictures are taken. Of course I am simply a dedicated fan, happy to share a few pictures with others.

On a more modest scale, last night went over to the Wellington Inn to catch Emma who it seems had to break out of a house to get there. Luckily she made it on time, was lovely as always, shame it was such a short set. It was also great fun to see Joesolo who put on a lively performance after a very enthusiastic and well deserved welcome.

So in total agreement with him, it is the simple things that make you happy. The Wellington was cool, at least in terms of their choice of beer - not quite like being at L'Ancienne Belgique, but I didn't think I would ever see Kreik on tap or a four page list of bottled beers in such an unassuming looking Hull pub. It turns out I was right in yesterdays post - it turned out to be a great day. There were even some shoe pictures taken later on at the Lamp... but I did once make a promise.

6 Responses to “whimsy”

  1. Anonymous MacFiend 

    Ooh... You've linked to my blog! I'd better start writing something of interest. Er, I'm in London and I've set my camera to shoot in RAW format. Want to see how much of a difference it makes to 9MP jpegs.

  2. Anonymous altitudezero 

    ... because you will suddenly get so much more traffic. Because I write such interesting posts.

  3. Anonymous altitudezero 

    Some pictures would be cool though - haven't seen any for a while.

  4. Anonymous MacFiend 

    Oh i dunno.... you get a lot more traffic than i do!

  5. Anonymous altitudezero 

    Yes. You AND Dennis. Or are there more mystery readers out there?

  6. Anonymous MacFiend 

    Me and Dennis... as I said, more than me!

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