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It has been a day. A day of the kind that leaves me wanting to do what I do best, that is to say cook chili and drink red wine. And eat chili and drink red wine and listen to loud hip hop like a white boy. But oh, I love the bass lines...

thanks Den, sunroof shots...

Good things happened; I have a job interview on Friday. My car is now faster than it was, which it eagerly proved to me by lighting up the (admittedly cheap nasty) front tyres on the dry roundabout round the corner without clutchslippingantics (and the throttle didn't jam open this time, reassuringly and more to the point, life preservingly). So the Alfa is starting to be a fun car now the wonderful enthusiast mechanic I found is working his magic. Oh, and I ate chili and drank Rhone valley red and listened to A Tribe Called Quest in an old skool fashion.

Magic car.

car park, with a car in it, now faster than before

Equally, it has been quite bad. I thought maybe a month ago that life couldn't get any more complexly messed up, but the past week has proven me wrong. I just know that at this present time I like to write more than anything else too. And knowing that all there is to do is sit back, wait, and just walk away if that is how it is to be makes me wish that things could have been different. So nothing new there then for the 2006 'Shit Happens' season.

OK, Goodnight. Goodnight Dizzy Dustin, Young Einstein and Andy Cooper, goodnight Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, goodnight MC Guru and DJ Premier. And thanks for coming.

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Weeks and months turn into years and who knows what surprises a new day will bring? As shelves fill with more songs, dust collects, memories accumulate and we pass through the lives of others, sometimes pausing, sometimes pulling up a chair, sometimes moving on. Thinking that tomorrow is going to be like yesterday. What do we know? I just like words and pictures, so why make excuses for collecting those either? But some things will never change, the sad songs will always be the best ones.

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