shoes of the rich and famous

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OK, not really.

But it was another pleasant day of rest. Originally the plan was to see Emma Rugg at the Lamp this evening. Then D found out that it was an early afternoon ('Sunday Roast') gig, so I met him down there after a midday bacon sandwich. It was a nice little gig, though I don't think that Emma was really in the mood for playing in the middle of the day, daylight streaming through the skylights... Still it was nice to have a chat afterwards while Puplet took pictures.

Here we can see a selection of interesting footwear, including Emma's little black tall shoes and the loafers of DJ Scalliwag. Emma told me that playing standing in such shoes is trickier than it looks.

The rest of the day was mainly spent eating. When D and I got back to his house we had an avocado, coffee, a cold trout and some cookies and cream ice cream. This was followed a few hours later with a beautiful Sunday roast of our own that lovely Mikol made for us. Life in Hull is nice really. There are things to take pictures of, friends to do that with and though the winter is long and dark, spring is on its way again today.

D sent it, so to close I should really post it. It is the shoe picture to end all shoe pictures. There will be no more.

...unless I get some exciting new shoes anytime.

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