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Monday morning could be far worse than this. As peaceful a drive as a 15 year old Golf with a Scorpion exhaust will allow (if only the commute was longer – sometimes). But the main reasons for feeling good about this particular Monday was the combination of autumnal sun, that allowed the sunroof to be opened and with warm feet, fresh morning air above and some music to start my day in one of the best possible ways. I should write more about driving - alone - to work. There have been some memorable moments in my car, travelling through morning traffic. It is a time of privacy, a moving cocoon of course, but in which I am free to mull whatever thoughts pass through this constantly stimulated and slowly waking brain. It is not like sitting alone on the sofa, where thoughts can drift off into nothingness and probably the Simpsons, but a far more involved form of just leafing through the mind, the catalogue of thoughts, partially triggered by the rolling vista from the drivers seat. And what better soundtrack on an early autumn morning than Sigur Ros?

Although the new album has had great reviews it is not my favourite of theirs (yet). There is no doubt that it is a good record. Their use of feedbacking, seemingly living tendrils of guitar created noise as a backbone for whole songs is enough for me and needless to say, there is a lot more to their music than that. But this morning it all just made me enjoy the fact that the sun was out and that life is good - even though it is Monday morning.

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  1. Blogger Curehead 

    I never owned a Sigur Ros album before. Then because I changed address, I updated the address of my Nectar card (which I rarely use) and found out that had enough points to order 2 CDs for free. Wow. By accident I ordered the new Goldfrapp album, but actually it turned out to be alright, but not as good as the last one, which is the best. Then I thought, ok let's go for the new Sigur Ros Album and so, after a few days delay, I received it for free in the post. Great treat. I like it and it made me buy two of his previous albums as well...

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